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McDonnell-Douglas A-4K Skyhawk NZ6206

New Zealand military aviation can be traced back to the first Government aeroplane in 1913.

A small permanent air force was established in 1923, and at one time had more aircraft than personnel! This infant air arm matured into the independent Royal New Zealand Air Force in 1937.

Rapid expansion during World War Two saw the RNZAF reach a peak strength of 24 squadrons and over 1300 aircraft.

Postwar years and a steadily shrinking budget have seen the RNZAF concentrate its limited resources on core maritime, transport and helicopter roles.



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There are Aviation Historical Societies in other countries, check out some of these:

Air Britain - United Kingdom - one of the oldest and largest enthusiast groups
Aviation Historical Society of Australia - founded in 1961
Croydon Airport Society - England (our 'sister' society)
Tighar Tracks - International Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery
American Aviation Historical Society - active since 1956
Canadian Aviation Historical Society - founded to support and encourage research into Canadian aeronautical history.
Swedish Aviation Historical Society - The Society, founded 1961, is the biggest association of aviation history in Sweden with more than 5000 members.

We also recommend you visit some other aviation sites. Those relevant to New Zealand:

Civil Aviation Authority - Government body for safety regulations and current aircraft registrations
Aviation Safety - New Zealand's air safety profile
Pacific Wings Magazine
- Christchurch
RNZAF - Royal New Zealand Air Force
Croydon Aircraft Co - Mandeville, Southland NZ - restorers of classic de Havilland aircraft
Air Force Museum of New Zealand - RNZAF Museum
Hawkes Bay Aviation Heritage Association - aviation pioneers, pilots, aircrew, ground crew, and general airforce personnel in the Napier area
'Zero-Sen' - The Mitsubishi Zero in New Zealand
New Zealand Fighter Pilots Museum (Wanaka) with all the Warbirds Over Wanaka Airshow information
The New Zealand Warbirds Association - an umbrella body dedicated to the restoration, preservation and operation of service aircraft in full flying condition
Kiwi Aircraft Images - a large collection of original aircraft images from New Zealand
Wings Over Cambridge - Cambridge's Connections with the wartime Air Force. This site also hosts a NZ aviation discussion forum
New Zealand Airline Research - specialists in the research and writing of books about early New Zealand airlines.
Supermarine Spitfire PV270 - restoration at ITL Aviation Limited, Feilding, New Zealand
Gisborne Aviation Preservation Society - The East Coast's aviation museum
Vintage Aircraft Company- Auckland-based operators and restorers of classic and vintage aircraft

Overseas sites:

RAF Hendon - Museum in England
Old Flying Machine Company - England
National Aviation Museum - Canada
National Air and Space Museum - Washington DC, USA
Commemorative Air Force - Midland, Texas, USA (previously known as the Confederate Air Force)
Horst Zoeller's - German Aviation History Page


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